WP Bubble Ditching The Credit System

Altering the Credit System On WP Bubble

While nothing is actually changing, except the fact that we are changing the word “credit” to “amount”, our users were getting confused on what the credit system was and how it worked. The verbiage was simply: One dollar equals one credit. Instead, we are going to call everything as it is and revert back to a “dollar system”. read more

WP Bubble Plans

WP Bubble Plans Explained

When we first started WP Bubble, we had just two plans: 1 credit per day and 2 credit per day plans. Distinguishing between them was simple: a unique ID number at the end which would make your bubble unique, but the price was less for a generic bubble than a subdomain without the unique ID. read more

WP Bubble Pricing

The Price Of Things

WP Bubble pricing is different from most other Managed Web Hosts. We do not charge you a monthly fee or a yearly fee. We do not lock you into any plans. You pay for what you want and use what you need via credits. A credit is worth $1.00. You charge your account with credits which enables you to create as many bubbles you want. At the end of the day, the bubbles that still exist will be charged to your account, for those bubbles that are over the age of 24 hours. read more