What is WP Bubble?

WP Bubble is a platform that offers a quick solution to launch managed WordPress instances called “bubbles” optimized for customization, demo, testing, sandbox or staging purposes.

How does WP Bubble work?

Starting a new bubble takes less than a minute. The bubble acts as sandbox environment that contains an installation of WordPress, allowing you the freedom to do what you need including uploading themes, plugins, and other files.

Keep the bubble for however long you need.

Who is WP Bubble for?

From beginners looking to test the waters of WordPress to more advanced freelance web developers or businesses looking for unrestricted WordPress access in a sandbox environment. But mostly, for web developers.

Great for testing a plugin or theme.

Great for showing off your themes, plugins, and other creative WordPress endeavors.

Great for hosting your websites.

Whether you need a demo website for a few days to show a potential client, or a website for long periods of time, WP Bubble is for you.

Why use WP Bubble?

WP Bubble has some reasons you should try the service.

  1. If you are a web developer or web designer and are passionate about WordPress, making a living with WordPress, know WordPress very well, than you might want to give WP Bubble a try.
  2. If you were asked to set up a WordPress website, how fast could you do it? WP Bubble can do it in under a minute.
  3. If you were asked how fast you could restore that website to a recent condition, how fast could you do it? WP Bubble can do it in under a minute.
  4. If you were asked to clone a website, how fast could you do it? WP Bubble can do it in under a minute.
  5. Just need a quick test site without restrictions and more power? WP Bubble can do it in under a minute.

In addition, we take care of all of the server updates to ensure everything is up to date at all times.

Note: We do not automatically update WordPress within your bubble.

Does WP Bubble secure my website?

We take extreme measures to protect our hardware and all of the software contained within, including your websites. The following are just several of the features included for protection and security of your website:

  • HTTP/2
  • Malware/Virus Detection
  • Built-in Firewall (firewall allows TCP ports 22 (ssh), 80 (HTTP), and 443 (HTTPS) as well as UDP port 68 (DHCP)
  • Automatic Server Updates & Patches
  • Encrypted & Hashed Random Passwords
  • Enhanced Security via htaccess
  • Optimized dedicated servers
  • Optional Secure Sockets Layer
  • Optional CloudFlare DNS Routing 

To help keep your own bubble secure, if you decide to change your password or setup new user accounts, we recommend that you choose strong passwords. Several websites to help:



If you ever feel that your bubble security was compromised, you may reset the system user password that is assigned to you upon your first generated bubble. Do not share or give your password out to anyone. Avoid sharing accounts. Avoid mentioning your password or anything that might resemble your password on social media accounts.

We do not store any credit card information on our servers or within our database. We use Paypal and Stripe as our third-party payment processors to handle all payment processing information.

To protect our users and servers, our users have access to use all basic SSH commands with their bubbles and while we have installed most server software that will allow for useful features while using SSH, there is no root access to the servers we provide. Our servers have been setup and optimized to ensure security and speed. Any tampering with our servers may upset the process and leave your account and all of your websites exposed to vulnerabilities.

If you are looking for more power and a dedicated server, we highly recommend Vultr.

For additional protection against Brute Force attempts against your backend, we recommend installing any of these plugins.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is free open source software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app.

Can I just use WordPress.com or WordPress.org?

Absolutely! You are free to use WordPress.com or WordPress.org and we actually encourage you to check out both platforms yourself so you can become familiar with WordPress in all aspects.

Here is a detailed infographic that covers what you get with WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org.

WordPress.com is WordPress’s own hosting solution. When you host with WordPress for free, there are some restrictions on what you can do with your WordPress website including restrctions on themes, plugins, and other customization.

WordPress.org allows you to download the WordPress software, as PHP code, and install it on your own hosting server without any restrictions.

If you are looking for a fast install for testing, staging, or experimenting, you have unrestricted access to your bubble.

I forgot my WordPress password.

Unfortunately, the only time the passwords from WP Bubble and your bubble remain in sync are during the creation of a new bubble. There is no way to retrieve your password other than to submit a request to your own WordPress bubble for a “lost password”.

Is WP Bubble free?

WP Bubble is not a free service.

Do you offer a free trial?

There is no free trial, but you are not charged for your bubble on launch day. If destroyed within 24 hours, you will not be charged.

How much does the service cost?

Check our Pricing page.

How does billing work?

WP Bubble works as a credit-based system in which you pay for credits upfront in order to use the service.

In order to keep your bubbles active, you must maintain a postive balance of credits.

A credit will be deducted from your account per bubble that continues to exist after 24 hours.

Our pricing system is slightly different than most others: we are a credit-based system.

We do not have any contracts or require any long-term commitments and we do not lock you into a monthly or yearly subscription plan.

You pay for what you want and use what you need.

Your first 24 hours are free.

Why are you charging when WordPress is free?

WordPress is completely free under the GNU Public License and we cannot legally charge you anything for it, but we do charge for the sandbox hosting environment that WordPress is installed on, as the hardware itself is not free.

How many bubbles can I start?


How much hard disk space do I have?

Each bubble may use around 1 – 2 GB of hard disk space, but there are no hard limits placed upon the bubble.

While this bubble may continue to operate above 1 -2 GB, additional bubbles will be restricted until the bubble is restored to under the 1 GB limit.

You may add more GB to your bubble for an additional fee to remove the restriction on additional other bubbles.

Why Am I Running Out Of Hard Disk Space?

As you upload media files or install backup or cache plugins, which generate files, your GB usage will eventually run up. Within each bubble, you may purchase additional GB.

We highly recommend a service like Cloudinary to offload your media files from your bubble.

Can I install any theme?

You can install any theme you wish.

We have no restrictions, but you may get notified you if there is a theme using too many resources.

Can I install any plugin?

You can install any plugin you wish.

We have no restrictions, but you may get notified you if there is a plugin using too many resources.

Can I pause my bubble?

Bubbles cannot be paused and are always considered active.

Can I delete my bubble?

Bubbles may be deleted at any time.

Note: Deleted bubbles cannot be restored.

Do you offer SSL?

You have the option to always add LetsEncrypt! SSL (Standard Sockets Layer) for free.

Note: SSL may take up to an hour to render.

Which PHP versions are available?

PHP 7.0, 7.1, and 7.2.

You may find some plugins or themes incompatible with the latest version of PHP, therefore we give you the tools to change the PHP version to suit your needs.

In order to ensure the most optimized servers, we do not support anything earlier than PHP 7.x.

How much memory can my bubble use?

By default, WordPress will use 256 MB, but you may edit your bubble for more RAM usage.

Can I upload files via sFTP?

Once you start a bubble, the sFTP information will become available.

Note: FileZilla or Cyberduck recommended.

FTP is not available.

Is SSH available?

Once you start a bubble, the SSH information will become available.

In order to preserve the stability and security of our servers, all system users get basic access to common terminal features, but root access is disabled. If you are looking for root access, we highly recommend you spin up your own server which you can SSH into without any restrictions.

Note: Multiple password attempts or brute force attempts may result in a permanent ban.

Can I access my database?

Yes, you can download the WP phpMyAdmin Extension WordPress plugin to access your database. We also have a built-in database management tool called phpminiadmin.

WARNING: You access your database at your own risk.

Do you offer a backup service?

Backups occur daily at MST/MDT-midnight and a previous week of copies are stored from your database.

A random day is picked out of the week where an additional backup may be generated.

We highly recommend a service like Cloudinary to offload your media files from your bubble.

Note: Backup service is for database only.

Note: All backups are transported off server to our content delivery network.

Note: Several one-click features are not available until a backup is created.

What if I break my bubble?

You may use our recovery feature, which will attempt to restore a database copy made any time within the last week, or you can start a new bubble.

Is WP Bubble only for WordPress?

By default, WordPress is installed, but you can freely delete the WordPress files and use it as a non-WordPress website. However, the bubble instance is optimized for WordPress software.

How do I transfer my bubble?

If you like what you have done, there are several options available to you:

  • DIY: initiate a DNS transfer and host with WP Bubble
  • DIY: Use a plugin to transfer it
  • Hire us (request located in the Host section of every bubble)

Can I host my domain with WP Bubble?

Navigate to your bubble details and click “Host”.

Additional details about setting up your DNS to work with our system available on the host page.

There are no additional costs if you host or propage your domain with WP Bubble.

Note: It may take several hours for the DNS of your domain to propagate.

Do you support email?

We do not currently support email as a service, but you may route your MX records accordingly to work with your domain by adding them through the Cloudflare section.

What happens to my data if I run out of credits?

What happens to my data if I run out of credits?

We understand that you might lose track of how many credits you have.

We will attempt to notify you to refill your credits.

We understand that things happen and you might not be able to refill your credits in the allotted time and have taken measures to give you a chance to retrieve your data.

If your credits fall into a negative balance beyond -7 (negative 7 or 1 week), we will make a backup of your bubbles and delete any active bubbles.

You can download your bubble data and re-upload it to a new bubble if needed once you add more credits.

Note: All backed up bubble data that does not have an active bubble will be deleted after 45 days.

Do you offer refunds?

Use what you need, pay for what you want, we cannot offer refunds.

Simply destroy your bubbles and credits will no longer be deducted from your account.

Save them for another time, they never expire.

Are there any issues I should be aware of?

DNS propagation and browser caching tend to be the biggest issues whether you are adding or updating a bubble.

Here are common issues that you may come across:

  • When adding SSL, WP Bubble will attempt to apply the certificate every 10 minutes, but this process can take up to an hour for the actual SSL process to render. If after an hour, the certificate is still experiencing issues, and you are receiving privacy errors from your browser, please contact us.
  • When removing an SSL certificate from your bubble, the browser becomes cached, and although you are directed to http://yourbubble.wpbubble.com, the browser redirects you to https://yourbubble.wpbubble.com.
  • If you made a change to your bubble, the changes may not always be reflected in your browser, so refresh the screen and you should see changes; this may also occur within your WordPress bubble.
  • DNS propagation of servers may take up to 24 hours so hosting a bubble with your domain may not always appear instantaneously.

Known Plugin Issues:

  • Do not use WP Config File Editor: clicking save button causes wp-config.php file to break.

After cloning my bubble, I can no longer access it.

When you clone a bubble, you clone the entire database with it, which contains the username and password of the bubble you cloned. You will need to use this username and password to now access your cloned bubble.

Canonical Issues

When you create a bubble, your website will be a subdomain of wpbubble.com: test.wpbubble.com

If you choose to dns host your domain with us, you be unable to visit your subdomain and instead will need to visit your domain directly. This is to avoid any potential canonical issues and any issues with search engines seeing your content as a duplicate.


Can I opt out of Cloudflare?

We have several options available:

By default, Cloudflare is enabled which provides your website instantly with quality cache and security.

You may disable Cloudflare and opt to use only the DNS which will disable the benefits of Cloudflare.

In some circumstances, Cloudflare may simply not be the best option for your workflow or website. On a case by case basis, we do allow you to opt out of Cloudflare completely via DNS, cache, and security, but you must contact us to discuss your needs.

Why won’t my website reflect changes?

By default, your website is routing through Cloudflare cache which means you will only see the cached version. Turn off Cloudflare or clear your cache by logging into your Bubble Dashboard, navigating to the Cloudflare section denoted with a cloud and a lighting symbol, and disabling Cloudflare or clearing your cache there. Afterwards, click on Update Cloudflare Settings.

Why don’t I have the correct permissions?

Occasionally, a new install of a plugin or theme may affect permissions on your folder. Navigate to the Edit section of your bubble, scroll to the bottom, and click the link that says, “Fix Bubble Permissions”.

Additional Information on credit card, pre-paid debit cards, and debit cards


  • Ensure you have credits in your account;
  • 5 credits is the minimum amount that can purchased at one time;
  • You will be notified via email if there are less than 3 credits in your account;
  • If credits in your account fall to -3, your bubbles will automatically be deleted.
    • Note: This action cannot be undone.

Additional Information

  • Our Vision
    • To provide the usage of powerful dedicated servers for you to use without any long-term commitments or contracts.
      • Spin it up for an hour or as little as a day.
      • There are no monthly or yearly subscriptions.
      • Rented bubbles are free for the first 24 hours.
  • Features
    • We scanned over two dozen WordPress Managed Hosting Solutions to understand their best features and noticed how many features were lacking
    • Every web designer, developer, freelancer, and agency has a set of tools that they usually need to work efficiently, which are often found in plugins — we built those features right into our platform
    • We wanted to create an efficient and powerful workflow without restrictions
  • Simple Pricing
    • Regular bubbles with a 4-digit number are worth 1 credit per day.
    • Custom bubbles which are unique and without a 4-digit number are worth 2 credits per day.
  • Quality
    • Instead of overselling our service, we prefer to take care of the users we have that find our service useful.
    • Inactive accounts that have not created a bubble for more than 90 days or do not have at least one active bubble will be deleted to keep our servers as optimized as possible.

You may contact us for any reason, but we advise that you understand our terms of service.