WP Bubble Plans

WP Bubble Plans Explained

When we first started WP Bubble, we had just two plans: 1 credit per day and 2 credit per day plans. Distinguishing between them was simple: a unique ID number at the end which would make your bubble unique, but the price was less for a generic bubble than a subdomain without the unique ID. read more

WP Bubble Access Log

Access Log Vs. Visits

In a bubble dashboard, you will find information about visits/access log. This can be quite confusing as you might think it is individual visits of visitors. We still recommend you install any analytics script that you usually use as we do not capture in-depth analytics, but we wanted to cover this specific analytic that we capture. read more

WP Bubble Automated Processes

The Automation Of Web Hosting

After setting up a website, a web designer or web developer will often go searching for the plugins they need to “maintain” and “secure” a website. We’ve automated all of this for you. There is no need to install any plugins at all. From caching to securing a website, we’ve automated all the processes for you, which can be selected as options to turn on within your bubble. This will not only free up resources for the website, but also ensure there is less conflict and more focus on the website itself. read more

WP Bubble Autocharge

Ensure Your Credits Never Remain At Zero

Originally, WP Bubble was set up with a credit-based system where you would return back to your account and navigate to add more credits. While we feel this method is great for what we wanted to offer, we also wanted to ensure there was SaaS added into the mix, for those who prefer to set it and forget it and pay whenever their credits drop to the refill level. read more

WP Bubble On A Budget

Web Hosting On A Budget

We understand there are definitely other web hosts out there that are far cheaper than our pricing, and we certainly encourage those that want to lock themselves in on a month to month basis to head on over and subscribe to those plans, at $2.95 – $5.95 a month or in that ballpark range. You will definitely save a lot of money by doing so. You will get the basic hosting you need and it might even come with a free email address. read more

WP Bubble Instant Recovery

Safety Of Recovery In A Click

One of the most useful features of any WordPress Managed Hosting solution is the fact that it automated the backup process daily. All good web hosts know how important backup is. Everyday you get a new backup of your database from the previous day and can recover it at any time, with the click of a button. read more

WP Bubble Dashboard Overview

A Look At The WP Bubble Dashboard

Our WP Bubble was made with love, care, and creativity. However, it may not be for everyone, but we like font icons, and utilize them in most of our projects. It makes things simple once you get to know what it does. We try to choose the font icons that represent what things do and we also add to every mouse hover a tooltip that explains exactly what the functionality of the font icon is. read more

WP Bubble Additional Monitoring

Automated and Manual Monitoring Of Your Website

Hosting with us makes you a part of the WP Bubble family in every aspect. We want your website to perform optimally and deliver results successfully. We want to know everything is running to your standards and ours and may, from time to time, personally pay a visit to your website and check up on every page to ensure everything is running smoothly. If we find an issue, we may send you an email. read more

WP Bubble WordPress Managed Hosting Pricing

The True Cost Of Free Or Cheap Hosting

There are at least a dozen hosting solutions out there that give you a basic hosting platform and even a one-click solution to install WordPress. You can find several for the cost of free, such as 000hosting.com, freehosting.com, or WordPress.com and you will get exactly what you want: a free host that will allow you to get a website up on the Internet without paying anything at all. read more

WP Bubble Database Optimization

Keeping WordPress Database Optimized

WP Bubble is not just a Managed WordPress Hosting solution, but when we say we manage your WordPress website, we also manage the database that WordPress is using as well. We have taken the liberty of reducing the need for most plugins by optimizing your website and database as much as we possibly can at the server level. This will free up resources, time, and eliminate most compatibility issues, as most plugins that were meant for caching, database, or website cleaning are now obsolete on our platform. read more