WP Bubble WordPress Optimization

WordPress Enhanced With WP Bubble

WordPress itself is a very powerful tool that has helped bloggers and business owners quickly create a website. Despite being free, WordPress has created jobs for millions of people, from running WordPress.com, Jetpack, WordPress.org, helping freelancers and agencies specialize in creating and maintaining beautiful websites, and even hosts specializing in WordPress hosting, like WP Bubble, or WordPress themselves, who run WordPress VIP for some of the top companies in the world. read more

WP Bubble WP-Cron Efficiency

Revamping The Scheduling Of The Scheduler

In WordPress, wp-cron.php is a very important file that keeps everything running on a schedule. If you schedule a post for a future date, wp-cron must run in order to actually publish that post. If you install plugins, they likely have scripts that initiate wp-cron in order to remind their scripts to perform tasks. There are even plugins that allow you to view all the activities and add to the wp-cron script. read more

WordPress Managed Hosting Solution Reimagined

The Alternatives Of WordPress Managed Hosting

WordPress Managed Hosting has become a good business for those who dare to enter into the arena. There are about 20 companies or so that are considered the top supporters who have also been the pioneers and the ones who have made this business possible. If you search for “WordPress Managed Hosting”, you will come across a list of the top contenders in the arena, which include: read more

WP Bubble Analytics With Cloudflare

Unofficial Analytics Of Cloudflare

As WP Bubble utilizes the benefits of Cloudflare for caching and security, there are many unforeseen benefits that are certainly noticed with time. The more time your website is using Cloudflare, the more time the analytics have to build up, supposedly even more accurate than Google Analytics. We wanted to bring you the value of Cloudflare analytics with our service. read more

WP Bubble Active Monitoring Service

Actively Monitoring Bubbles

Your website being up and active is important. If it is not up, isn’t it our job to let you know that your website is returning an error or a response that warrants it being down? As part of the WordPress Managed Hosting Solution, we want you to know as much as you can about your bubble. It is your bubble, after all, and therefore: we ping your website every 15 minutes. read more

WP Bubble Domainless

A Website Without A Domain

As a web designer or web developer, we know you need a quick website. We don’t require you to have a domain to work. In fact, if you never buy a domain for your website, we’re fine with that. You can use our subdomains. We have an unlimited number of them. Create one or a dozen if you wish! read more

WP Bubble Enhanced Security

Making Your Website Virtually Invisible To Attackers

The most secure of websites have been breached. Google and Facebook, two top companies who hire top notch security experts have been breached at one point or another. Maybe nothing major, but every company often pays hackers to find their bugs, as they cannot hire enough in-house staff to find every single flaw in their scripts. Therefore, we are not making the claim that your website cannot be hacked. read more

WP Bubble Suspension

Ability For Suspending Bubbles

If you are a web developer, web designer, or an agency who relies on a monthly or yearly fee from your clients, whose websites you are managing, you will know there is an essential feature that not a single web host, managed or unmanaged, even thinks about, unless it is you who fails to make your payments on time. read more

WP Bubble Welcomes Event Espresso

Welcoming Event Espresso 4 On To WordPress Managed Hosting

Event Espresso is a flexible online event registration plugin for WordPress that can handle a variety of events. Whether you are organizing an annual conference for your company, hosting training courses to teach CPR, planning art and painting classes, or creating  a non-profit fundraising event, you will enjoy how easy and profitable Event Espresso can make your event registration and ticketing. read more

WP Bubble Server Updates

Keeping Your Server Optimized And Updated

One of the things that almost all WordPress Managed Web Hosts claim to do — and they likely do — is keep the server up to date. WP Bubble is no different and we make the same claims: we do keep your server updated with the latest patches and security updates as well as the latest version of Linux. read more