WP Bubble Credits

The WP Bubble Credit System

No hassle. No guessing. No surprises. No estimating what your bill is going to be. Straightforward credit system. Pay up front. Pay for what you want. Use what you need. The guess work is taken out of everything as our credit system allows you to be in control of how many credits you purchase in order to activate your bubbles. Each day a bubble exists, credits will be deducted from your account depending on the plan of the bubble you have chosen. read more

WP Bubble Restore Feature

One Quick Recovery Coming Right Up!

Everyone who has ever worked on a WordPress website has likely encountered errors. Some of us more than others. With that type of experience comes a no-fear attitude in knowing how to manage errors. Before anyone acquires that experience, however, they usually go through some crazy times of searching for what the error could possibly be. read more

WP Bubble Demo Staging Feature

Setting The Demo Stage

In our quest to understand what a WordPress user, specifically a designer and developer might need, and having the experience from such a background, we have only rarely seen the feature we call Demo Staging available in the wild. Once or twice, for which someone or some company may have been showing off a plugin or theme and wanted everything to revert back to normal. read more

The WP Bubble Experience

Experience WP Bubble

WP Bubble was created with everyone in mind, from everyday bloggers looking for more power to web designers looking to show off their websites to plugin and theme developers looking to show off their products. Whether you are new to WordPress or have been using WordPress for years, there are features you will find useful. read more

Welcome To The WP Bubble Blog!

Introduction of WP Bubble

When we were debating on whether we should run a blog with WP Bubble or not, we almost thought about building a custom blog. Luckily, it was just a thought to build a custom blog with pure code. However, it was quickly realized what the service offers: WordPress! And what is WordPress generally designed for besides building websites? Blogging! read more