WP SSD Storage Increase

WP Bubble Increases Storage On All Plans

We are constantly making changes at WP Bubble and trying to always improve our plans, optimize them for the best fit for its usage. In reviewing, we noticed that our SSD stoage for each plan was too small for the value, and decided to increase it. We still encourage you to offload your media files to a CDN to save on storage. Keeping your files on a CDN will keep your bubble as optimized as possible, as the CDN is designed to load worldwide and deliver results much faster depending on the region of the visitor, rather than reaching out to a single server. read more

WP Bubble Adds Max Execution Time

WP Bubble Execution Time Assigned To All Bubbles Plans

WP Bubble has added a max execution time for how long PHP scripts can run. By default, all plans will run a PHP script for up to 30 seconds. Rarely will a script ever take any longer than that, however there may be plugins that require more than 30 seconds to run and will display a warning to increase the max_execution_time flag. read more

WP Bubble Plans

WP Bubble Plans Explained

When we first started WP Bubble, we had just two plans: 1 credit per day and 2 credit per day plans. Distinguishing between them was simple: a unique ID number at the end which would make your bubble unique, but the price was less for a generic bubble than a subdomain without the unique ID. read more

WP Bubble Comparisons

What WP Bubble Does Differently

We appreciate you checking out our service and we know that you have at least a dozen other choices for which you could easily go and host your websites or demos. We know our competition. We won’t call ourselves their competition, but we know that when a business takes away from another business, that is usually known as competition. However, we do also understand that our service is not for everyone and will happily provide you with other preferred hosting solutions if we are not right for you. read more