WP SSD Storage Increase

WP Bubble Increases Storage On All Plans

We are constantly making changes at WP Bubble and trying to always improve our plans, optimize them for the best fit for its usage. In reviewing, we noticed that our SSD stoage for each plan was too small for the value, and decided to increase it. We still encourage you to offload your media files to a CDN to save on storage. Keeping your files on a CDN will keep your bubble as optimized as possible, as the CDN is designed to load worldwide and deliver results much faster depending on the region of the visitor, rather than reaching out to a single server. read more

WP Bubble Saved Data

WP Bubble Data Storage

In a perfect world — everyone pays their bills on time, has enough money to pay those bills, and never forgets to pay because they are on automatic payments. There is always enough money in their account and everything gets paid right away. There are never issues or late fees and everything is just grand. read more

WP Bubble Backups To CDN

Uploading To A CDN

We took the extra time to make this happen. A CDN or content delivery network is what has been speeding up the Internet for years and helps better cache data. We will not get into all the details about what a CDN does here, but imagine a computer server in California and you are in New York. In order for you to visit that website, your computer must first request information from California, and then it gets returned to New York, or downloaded, where you are now able to see it. read more

Additional Hard Disk Space

WP Bubble Allotted GB

By default, all bubbles come with about 1 GB of hard disk space. While there are no hard limits on any bubbles, meaning that we do not prevent you from going over your maximum allowed resources, you will be unable to create anymore bubbles until you reduce the amount of space on the bubble that is deemed to be using more than the allotted resources. If you need more gigs, you can create another bubble or you can purchase additional GB storage space. read more