What Type Of Website Plan Should You Choose?

Determining Your Website

WP Bubble hosting is not a one-size-fits-all. Instead, we optimize each plan according to the type of website is going to be run on it, including the available memory, CPU power, and amount of SSD available. When starting out, by default, we assume that you are a blogger, which should be the most common type of website.

While bloggers could likely switch to the smallest plan, which is called a Static plan. This plan was designed for a basic WordPress install, with a basic theme that is not too advanced, and less than 10 plugins or so. This plan includes 125 MB SSD, 1 CPU core, and 256 MB of memory, which is the recommended amount that can run a WordPress installatoin. Your audience might be friends and family or a small following. You can definitely blog on this plan, though it was designed for more static websites with pages and posts that do not change very often. It is highly recommended that once you complete your website, you enabled Cloudflare to cache your website.

Blogger plans have have 512 MB of memory, 1 CPU core power, and 250 MB SSD available to use for their websites. If you are a blogger with an audience, have around 10-15 plugins, and upload at least one or two photos, including a featured image per blog post, than this plan was definitely designed for you.

The Startup plan is for more established bloggers or small businesses with a medium to large following or an average of a few customers per day. This plan allows for up to 1 GB of RAM, 1 CPU core power, and 500 MB SSD. This is usually the average plan provided on most web hosts. If you are running a very small e-commerce store or blog quite often, this plan would be recommended for you.

For those needing more power and memory who are running a fairly busy website with several customers per day or a blog that is getting upwards of 500 visitors per day, the E-commerce plan is recommended for you, consisting of 2 CPU core, 2 GB memory, and 1 GB SSD. This plan will handle most of the needs of any established business or a blogger who published daily posts every week. This plan is best for those who decide to use a e-commerce platform, such as WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, MarketPress, Shopp, or CoursePress.

The Event plan is for those who are using resource-intensive plugins, such as Event EspressoEvents Manager, WP Event ManagerEvent OrganiserAll-in-One Event CalendarThe Events Calendar, My Calendar and My TicketsEventOnCalendarize it!Modern Events CalendarTickeraVenture Event Manager, and Event Calendar WD. This type of website is more established with daily visitors and customers and established businesses who need a stable reliable platform. This plan has 4 CPU core, 1.5 GB SSD, and 4 GB RAM. This plan can handle most e-commerce plugins and could easily manage over 30 – 50 plugins.

The High Traffic plan was designed for those who are serious about business and need a no-nonsense peace of mind; no worries, no struggles, and complete trust in the reliability of our platform. This type of website can handle all things viral, hundreds to thousands of visitors and customers, over a hundred plugins, and much more. If you need ultimate power for your website, this is the plan for you: 8 CPU core, 2 GB SSD, and 8 GB RAM. Any resource-intensive and memory-intensive plugins and themes. Activate this plan and never worry about whether your website will go down. We guarantee you 100% uptime with this plan and will re-imburse you for the entire month should you find your website down for more than a minute out of the month.  This is not a challenge or anything, but we are just saying — this website plan can handle almost anything thrown at it.

If you aren’t sure what type of website you have, don’t worry. We recommend you start off with the blogger plan for a regular website and e-commerce plan for those with online stores. Our system will try to detect if you need more resources and automatically increase your plan based upon what is being used. If you have any questions or need help with determining the type of plan you should choose, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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