WP Bubble Adds Max Execution Time

WP Bubble Execution Time Assigned To All Bubbles Plans

WP Bubble has added a max execution time for how long PHP scripts can run. By default, all plans will run a PHP script for up to 30 seconds. Rarely will a script ever take any longer than that, however there may be plugins that require more than 30 seconds to run and will display a warning to increase the max_execution_time flag.

We have built this into the bubble panel with each plan being allotted more time to run a script. In order to prevent the servers from freezing up to a lengthy script or a script stuck in a loop, we have allotted as little as 30 seconds to as high as 5 minutes.  These are the plans as follows:

  • Static: 30 seconds
  • Blogger: 60 seconds
  • Designer: 90 seconds
  • Developer: 120 seconds
  • Power User: 240 seconds
  • Power Engine: 300 seconds

If time exceeds beyond the plan allotted amount for max execution time, the website may likely error. Plans that are limited cannot access the higher length of time. If you need more time than 300 seconds on the Power Engine plan, feel free to contact us for any help you may need. 300 seconds should be more than enough time, however, to run any PHP scripts or plugins that might seem resource-intensive.

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