WP Bubble And Automatic Updates

Automatic Updates For Your Website

A great feature that comes with almost all WordPress Managed web hosts is the ability for automatic upgrades of the WordPress core, WordPress plugins, and WordPress themes. One of the easiest things about WordPress is updating everything. No longer do you have to worry about logging in and clicking on update.

The issue for updating and the reason why web designers, web developers, and agencies charge for “updates and maintenance of WordPress” is because clicking that update button might break stuff. If a plugin was updated that is not compatible with the current version of WordPress, or if two plugins get updated that aren’t compatible with each other, than it might break stuffFixing it usually means waiting for a plugin update of the code, the WordPress core, fixing it yourself, getting rid of it, or restoring back to an older version.

It does happen, although it is seldom. When it does happen, especially on a live website, the developer scrambles together to either restore an earlier version of the website, made very easy by WP Bubble, or restoring to an earlier version of the plugin, in most cases. The issue with automatic updates then is that sometimes it may break. Although, in many cases, everything should go smoothly so long as the core code, plugin code, and theme code is not being touched directly.

To handle this, downloading plugins such as “custom css” and “custom functions” should give anyone the peace of mind to know that nothing will break upon an automatic update. If you are not heavily customizing your theme, plugins, or WordPress core, than it is likely to be 99% safe to turn on the features that automatically update all things WordPress within the WP Bubble platform.

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