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Google tends to control how the Internet works, how it is indexed, and how we are all seen. With the majority of people using Google as their primary search engine, it is no wonder that we all tend to comply and do what Google asks of us. Several years ago, Google was pushing towards making the Internet more secure and requiring all websites, especially those that did business online, specifically those that took payments from processors such as Paypal or Stripe, to have an SSL certification.

This SSL certification is noted by a lock sign on the address bar with the words, “Secure” right next to it. Some browsers are different, but that lock sign is universal for SSL. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. What it is and what it does is that it ensures all data transferred to and from your website, from the server to the browser, ad vice versa, is encrypted.

This means that any scripts attempting to listen in will be unable to read that data. Hence: credit card information is unable to be read because it’s encrypted by the browser and sent to a server and then the data is received back that a payment was made and everything is good to go.

SSL, however, from most web hosts, tends to be a headache in itself, and turns off the  average blogger and business owner from even bothering to add it. Luckily, there are many hosts now offering it for free, but in many cases: you will not get an SSL for free on most shared hosts.  Though, if you prefer to try a shared host that has free SSL certificates, we do recommend DreamHost.

Most others do require a payment of $60 or more per year and many more require several days to actually implement it. Why do companies charge? SSL is technically free itself, but it is the work required to create the certificate that most hosts charge for when implementing it and the fact that most SSL needs to be renewed at least once a year in order to prevent hackers from breaking the code and being able to hack that data.

Thus, implementing an SSL certificate might require some technical knowledge and generates a random code is used as the hash key that encrypts the data.  Here is what it  looks like after it is generated:


Beautiful, isn’t it? Couldn’t you just do it yourself? Well, not exactly. You would need access to Linux and know a few commands in order to generate it and actually use it. We decided to automate it and not charge you extra for it. In fact, you are helping us by adding it and keeping your own website secure. So WP Bubble has done all the work for you.

WP Bubble uses Let’s Encrypt SSL and Cloudflare SSL. It means added security at absolutely no extra cost. How it works:

  • Server  SSL (encrypted) Cloudflare
  • Cloudflare SSL (encrypted) Browser

Since our servers are routed through Cloudflare, it will be seen as the main SSL certificate.

With one click, no hassle, you can have an SSL certificate for free. No more waiting, wondering, hoping, or paying. Within a few minutes, check your website, and instead of loading as http:// it will load as https:// and Google will love you forever and ever.

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