WP Bubble Offers Tiny Static Plan

WP Bubble Static Plan

With our former lowest plan costing around $0.25 per day or $7.50 a month, we wanted to come up with something for web designers or developers who only needed a website for testing purposes or have a mostly static website with just a few visitors. As a result, we came up with theĀ Static/Tiny plan.

This plan will cost just $0.20 per day or about $6.00 per month. The Static plan was intended to be used to test plugins, themes, new features of WordPress, blog posts, etc., or for websites that receive just a few hundred visitors per day and probably should not exceed 20 pages wit images. Static websites are not meant to be media-intensive and may only use around 10 plugins. There are some limitations:

  • 125 MB SSD
  • 256 MB Memory

SSD can always be increased by purchasing more, whereas memory can only be upgraded by updating to a higher plan. Once you exceed your quota, your plan will automatically be updated. All other features, including daily backups, automated updates, SSL, and more, are available.

By default, the Blogger/Small website plan is selected as this would be typical for the recommendations and requirements of most websites.

This is the cheapest most affordable WordPress Managed Hosting you will find.

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