WP Bubble Overcaching

Solving WP Bubble Overcache Issues

Many people who use WP Bubble may experience a few frustrations at first, but once they get past the mini learning curve and understand why our service is the way it is. There will be a few hiccups along the way and you may get upset, but we are here to help you. A lot of your issues are going to have to do with caching. Our service was designed to speed up and secure your website, and so caching is a huge deal for us.

With our enhanced caching service enabled and Cloudflare enabled, our service will attempt to ensure every page load is cached. We recommend that during your design and development phase, you actually turn off or leave off Cloudflare, though it is not necessary if you prefer to clear the cache on just the pages you are working on. Enhanced caching options may be enabled and it is recommended that you do this before you turn on any plugins that may touch the htaccess file.

Once you have completed your website, enable and alllow Cloudflare to take over and cache your entire website. As Cloudflare discovers the static content on them, your website will become noticeably faster. The longer you have Cloudflare enabled, the better job it will do to cache your website. Pages will seem to load near instantly.

In the Cloudflare settings, there are options to clear the cache of your pages by URL. For your most important pages, such as the home page, it is best if you set a cache reset at around 1440 minutes or shorter, depending on how many posts you publish during the day, and if you are using your bubble as a blog. This will ensure the cache gets cleared and new posts show up.  If you are not noticing changes after, try to clear your cache manually, or try disabling Cloudflare. If problems persist, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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