WP Bubble Recommends Offloading To CDN

Upload Your Media Files Off Server

Naturally, an upload of any media in WordPress will store your files on the server. While this may be a temporary solution, for the purposes of speed and security, we highly recommend you offload your images, videos, and other media files on to a service like Cloudinary to offload your media files from your bubble.

Your database will remember the exact URLs you are using, but if the bubble ever gets corrupted and you have to delete it, the most important and only thing you actually need is the .sql.gz database file. If you were storing everything on a CDN, than no media files will ever get lost. Offloading all your files to a CDN should give you a greater piece of mind.

With our daily backup service, you will be able to restore up to the past week of anything you have done on the website. While we cannot download those database files for you, we do recommend that you visit WP Bubble at least once a week and download a copy of the latest database for storage on your own computer.

We cannot emphasize the importance of having backups of your database on a secure server or on your home computer. Storing media files directly on the same server as your website is not recommended.

With a CDN like Cloudinary, which offers a free amount of storage, the pricing is very reasonable. Up to 300,000 images and videos or 10 GB and 20 GB of bandwidth is offered for free. While their Plus plan will run you nearly $100, it would be well worth the price if you are running a popular website, especially because the next tier, offers up to 50 GB or 2 million images and videos, and 150 GB of bandwidth. The Advanced plan offers will cost you a little over $100 more, but offers up to 5 million images and videos or 120 GB of storage, 400 GB of bandwidth.

Cloudinary offers a WordPress plugin which helps for seamless integration from your website to the servers of Cloudinary. All you have to do is download the plugin, enter in your API key, and Cloudinary takes care of the details. In almost all cases, your images and videos will always be available. Read more on Reasons Why I Use A CDN. While we will not penalize you for uploading images directly to your bubble, we do limit you to just 1 GB and you can optionally pay for more space as you see fit.

Just several of the features, not including those of the Plus and Advanced plan:

  • Upload widget and API
  • DAM media library
  • Search via the UI or API
  • Remote fetch
  • Automatic backup and revision tracking
  • Tons of image and video manipulations
  • Video transcoding and adaptive streaming
  • Automatic optimization
  • High performance delivery through a CDN
  • Powerful dashboard and online reports
  • Custom branding for upload widget
  • RESTful APIs
  • Support – forums, tickets and email

You can also share a link via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, which will increase your storage by at least an extra gigabyte. Very well worth it just to have an account, even if you don’t use it right away.

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