WP SSD Storage Increase

WP Bubble Increases Storage On All Plans

We are constantly making changes at WP Bubble and trying to always improve our plans, optimize them for the best fit for its usage. In reviewing, we noticed that our SSD stoage for each plan was too small for the value, and decided to increase it. We still encourage you to offload your media files to a CDN to save on storage. Keeping your files on a CDN will keep your bubble as optimized as possible, as the CDN is designed to load worldwide and deliver results much faster depending on the region of the visitor, rather than reaching out to a single server.

In a nutshell: the main reasons for offloading your media assets are to keep your site optimized and in case of any website failure, hacks, etc., your media files will still be safe, and since WP Bubble makes a backup of your database every day, you can quickly restore your website without having to worry about any missing files.

All users who are currently using our bubbles will not see any increase or decrease. To fix this, change the plan, and revert it back to the former plan you were on. This will update your SSD storage automatically. SSD storage for each plan is as follows:

  • Static: 100 MB  500 MB
  • Blogger: 250 MB  1 GB
  • Designer: 500 MB  2 GB
  • Developer: 1 GB  3 GB
  • Power User: 1.5 GB  4 GB
  • Power Engine: 2 GB  6 GB

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